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How we work

Kingdomlikes is a network operating through the exchange of social actions (like for like), that is, you will announce your Facebook page, Instagram Photo, YouTube video, Twitter profile, etc ... and other users of KingdomLikes will give you like if they are interested in your content. If you want to announce your sites in Kingdomlikes, you need "POINTS" and these points will get giving likes and watching the content of other users, in this way ensures that all interactions are from real people, the same users KingdomLikes.

  • We allow you to look and choose who you want to like, follow, view, suscribe, cicle,share, hit, and skip those who you are not interested in.
  • We do not sell likes, suscribers, followers, friends, views, hits, cicle or shares.
  • We will never request for usernames or passwords of your social network accounts and will never post, tweet, update status or spam from your accounts.
  • We have a strict no bot, no macro and no automation policy.



Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, so it is vital you to represent your business here. Now you can announce your Facebook Page on KingdomLikes, and get thousands of likes on your business page, followers, shares and even get likes on Facebook profile picture, ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE. KingdomLikes is a social exchange network, so all the likes for facebook are from real people also for the followers on facebook.

KingdomLikes helps you increase profits of your business as well as your marketing campaigns in social networks. Visit the tutorial of How to get Likes on Facebook Page on our blog to know how KingdomLikes works.

Facebook Features

  • Get more likes on Facebook Pages
  • Get Facebook Followers
  • Get more likes on Facebook Status
  • Get likes on Facebook Profile Picture


If you have a video on YouTube or you are a video blogger, KingdomLikes gives you the opportunity to promote your video and get more youtube views, likes and also get more subscribers on YouTube Channel, even if you have a video that want more YouTube dislikes, you can get all of this here.

Note that get likes and views on your videos can position your videos and make your video go viral.

So if you wondered you can promote your videos on our website, see our tutorial on the blog,How to get more views on YouTube for free, don't wait more and increase your youtube views for free on KingdomLikes and get most free suscribers for YouTube and become the next influencer.

YouTube Features

  • Promote your video for get more likes
  • Announce your videos to get more views
  • Get more YouTube dislikes
  • Get subscribers on YouTube


Twitter is the greatest way to keep in touch with people, to express your feelings and to be informed of everything, become a twittstar, set yours tweets as a highlights or became a trending topic.With KindomLikes you can increase your audience and get more twitter followers, twitter retweets and twitter likes.

With KingdomLikes you will have great audience, therefore many people will see your tweets, in our blog have the instructions of how to get Twitter Followers for free with KingdomLikes.

Twitter Features

  • Get more Twitter Followers
  • Get more Twitter Retweets
  • Get more Likes on Twitter
  • Highlight a Twitter Tweets


Is Instagram part of your social marketing campaign? Kingdomlikes can help you get more followers on Instagram and this increase the audience of your photos the same way can help you get more likes on Intagram.
We also have videos tutorials in our blog of How to get free Likes on Instagram, KingdomLikes is one of the best ways to get more Followers on Instagram free and instantly.

Instagram has become one of the rising stars of social media and it is more effective than other plataforms of networks because pictures can send messages that words cannot and KingdomLikes has become the best website to get free Instagram likes and free followers for Instagram.

Instagram Features

  • Get more followers on Instagram
  • Get more likes on Instagram


Pinterest is growing at an amazing way . Everyone knows that one of the most effective ways to attract prospects is by visual media and Pinterest is an expert in them. If you want to show how good your product as many people as possible, KingdomLikes can help you get more followers on Pinterest and increase your Pinterest Repins and your Pinterest Likes.

So hurry up to have lots of Followers, rePins and Likes, show to the world your product and increase your profits.

Pinterest Features

  • Get Pinterest RePins
  • Get more likes on Pinterest
  • Get more Pinterest Followers


Now with KingdomLikes you can also gain more likes in your favorites questions and all for free. KingdomLikes is the best website to get likes for likes for, but the best part is that this works not only for likes or followers, KingdomLikes works for every social network that you want.

Also you can see the tutorial on our blog to see the thousand of likes that we get in our official Features

  • How to get more likes on


SoundCloud is best social sound network where you can produce and create your own music and share them with the world. Now with KingdomLikes you can promote your music and get soundcloud plays for free or if you want to get soundcloud likes for free this is your place. You can also get followers for soundcloud to become the next rockstar. The best of all is that all the likes, plays and followers that you get with KingdomLikes are real persons, so they will listen your music.

Remember that the social networks are the best place to create a STAR, Justin Bieber was created on YouTube, so, what are you waiting for? Promote your soundcloud plays and became the next revelation.

SoundCloud Features

  • Get Free SoundCloud Plays
  • Get Free SoundCloud Likes
  • Get Free SoundCloud Followers
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