How to get more LIKES on

Hey! This time I’m gonna teach you  “How to get more LIKES on” with KingdomLikes, only in a few steps and all for free.

But you can also use this page to get likes on Facebook Profile Picture. You can ge this info in other post of our Blog.

Now with KingdomLikes you can get a lot of likes on your favorites questions.

With this method we get 180 LIKES on in a few hours as you can see in the image below.

180 Likes in question

®KingdomLikes isn´t an autoliker, we are a network of social exchange and all the likes that you get there are 100% real people and everything is free.

¡Let’s begin with the tutorial!

1.- First of all, go to and register. Like in the image below.


 1. Click “Register” at the top.

Register Form KingdomLikes

2.-  You will receive an email to confirm your account, if you don’t have the email in your Inbox check the Junk/Spam folder or you use our tool “Re-Send Email Confirmation”, after you already used this and still not receive the email please contact us in our Center Support.

Email Confirmation

Click in the word “here” to confirm your email.


If you don’t see the email, check :
1. Junk Folder.
2. Span folder.

3.- Once you have confirm your account, log in on KingdomLikes and to add your question you have to click on “Add Page”.

KingdomLikes Add Photo Likes

1. Click “Add Page” to add your question.

4.- This gonna show you a form, where you will enter the following data, like in the image below.

  • Type¹ : You need to select “ Likes“.
  • Title² : It is only to identify, could be whatever.
  • Page URL³ : Here is the URL of the question that you want to get more likes on
    You can get the URL of the question clicking on the publish date of the question.
    URL of the ask question
  • CPC : The CPC(Cost Per Click) is the cost (Points) of any like you get on your question, I mean if you put 10, each like that you get will cost 10 of your points. If the CPC is higher, you will get the likes more quickly. form
Total Clicks : It’ s OPTIONAL, if you want to get only a determinate number of likes, you must active this and set the number of total likes.
Daily Clicks : It’ s OPTIONAL, if you want to get only a determinate number of likes per day, you must active this and set the number of daily likes.

Url of

The question of

 1. You can get the URL of the question clicking on the publish date of the question.

If all was successful, your site will be added like in the picture below.

Site Added succesful

7.- Then you only have to wait a few minutes to gain more likes on your question and you need have enough Points to get all the likes than you want on your favorites questions.

You can get Points by two ways.

  • You can get Points for free by the following steps:1. Choose any social network in the lateral bar(Facebook Page, YouTube Subscriber, Likes, etc)
    2. Press on the button(Like) to open the pop up.
    3. Like the Facebook Page or YouTube Subscriber or Likes, etc.
    4. Close the pop up.Then the points will be added. And you can get all than you want repeating this process.

    Added Free points
  • You can also buy Points, in the option “Buy Points” is an excelent and secure way to buy likes because we have secure payment methods, all our likes are from real people and you get it in a very natural way also without spam than the autolikes cause.

8.- And in a few moments, as you can see, we get 180 likes on our question but yo can get 1,000,000 likes on ask if you want with a little more time and if you have enough points.



If you have any question please tell us in the commentaries and we give you a video tutorial with all the steps in live.

How to get more LIKES on por kingdom-likes

Article Name
How to get more LIKES on
We bring you a tutorial for get more LIKES on with KingdomLikes, only in a few steps and all for free.

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